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pdf 1988.Swenson.Nurture Capital.Ecotopia WebPress.pdf585.56 KB
pdf 1989.Swenson.NOPEC - Non-Oil Power Exporting Countries.Ecotopia Webpress.pdf290.09 KB
pdf 1990-03-19.Swenson etal.NOPEC II.ASES.pdf3.71 MB
pdf 1991-08-19.Swenson.Marketing of Sustainability.ISES.pdf4.03 MB
pdf 1994-03-28.Swenson Patino.Ultralight Mass Transit Vehicle.Towards Clean Transport OECD.pdf5.21 MB
pdf 1996-06.Swenson.Sustainable Transportation for a World Beyond Oil.World Renewable Energy Congress IV.pdf361.6 KB
pdf 1999.deWinter Swenson Culp.Kiteships, Sailing Vessels Pulled and Powered with a Kite.ASES.pdf4.67 MB
pdf 2000-05.deWinter Swenson Culp.The Kiteship Project.ASES.pdf827.99 KB
doc 2000-09.deWinter Swenson Culp.The Kiteship Project - Chapter 3.ISES.doc292.5 KB
pdf 2000.Swenson.Apollo2 - Solar Energy Meets the Challenge.ISES.pdf166.89 KB
doc 2001.deWinter Swenson Culp.The Kiteship Project - Chapter 4.ASES.doc164 KB
pdf 2003.deWinter Swenson Culp.The Kiteship Project - Chapter 5.ASES.pdf95.81 KB
pdf 2003.Swenson Baer.Solar Powered ICT in Deep Rural Communities.ASES.pdf89.35 KB
pdf 2003.Tovar Prater Swenson.Web-Based Monitoring System.ASES.pdf104.62 KB
pdf 2004-07.Swenson.The Birthplace of Evolution.ASES.pdf60.94 KB
pdf 2004.Swenson.Solar Utility Vehicle - An Educational Program.Solarevolution.pdf821 KB
pdf 2005-08.Swenson deWinter.Production Peaks Petroleum Natural Gas Production.ISES.pdf206.54 KB
pdf 2005-08.Swenson.Comparing Horizontal Tilted PV.ISES.pdf552.3 KB
pdf 2005-12.Swenson.A Roadmap to 100% Renewable Energy.Ecotopia WebPress.pdf140.92 KB
html 2006-03-12.Swenson.Westly for Governor Westly for Solar.html22.5 KB
pdf 2006-03-12.Swenson.Westly for Governor, Westly for Solar.pdf301.21 KB
pdf 2006-03.deWinter Swenson.A Wake-Up Call.Solar Today - Dawn of the Solar Era.pdf1.21 MB
pdf 2006-08-02.Swenson.Testimony.House Science Committee - Subcommittee on Energy .pdf56.42 KB
doc 2006.Swenson.Lightweight Roofing Makes Solar Possible.Ecotopia WebPress.doc96.5 KB
doc 2006.Swenson.Renewable Energy Policies - Built upon Economics or Thermodynamics.Ecotopia WebPress.doc102 KB
pdf 2007-07.Swenson.Biofuels Science or Fiction.Solar Today.pdf281.96 KB
pdf 2008-05.Baertsch Swenson.Solar-Powered Personal Rapid Transit - PRT - Electric Vehicles without batteries or congestion.ASES.pdf4.67 MB
pdf 2012-05-14.Swenson.Personal Transportation 100 percent solar powered.ASES.pdf2.51 MB
pdf 2012.Veronica Pardo.The Domes at UC Davis.UC Davis MS Thesis.pdf2.28 MB
pdf 2013-11-05.Swenson.Solar Skyways.ISES SWC2013.pdf4.85 MB
pdf 2014-03-01.Swenson.ATN Design Initiative.INIST.pdf3.81 MB
pdf 2014-09.Furman Swenson et al.Automated Transit Networks.MTI 1227.pdf6.02 MB
pdf 2016-08-25.Swenson.Solarevolution.Energies-09-00676.pdf5.9 MB
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