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The meta-challenges of global warming and natural resource depletion compel humanity to transition to an economy based on renewable energy and cradle-to-cradle industrial cycles. We are indebted to those who discovered, extracted and transformed coal, oil and uranium to help build our modern endowment. At the same time we realize that the seemingly vast supply of fossil fuels is insufficient to sustain us.

It is widely believed that renewable energy sources are diffuse (weak) and therefore our energy supply must continue to be dominated by fossil fuels (or magic, such as biofuels or nuclear fusion). This conclusion is made without questioning what may not have been evident in the past: fossil fuels are diminishing and we are beginning to experience the systemic breakdown of the web of sophisticated artifacts which were created to exploit fossil fuels. We need to find alternatives.

The sunshine intersecting the earth delivers as much energy in 12 hours as all the oil ever consumed. The sun provides enough energy; we just have to design to a new set of parameters. For example, the answer to diffuse is thin. And thankfully, just in time, we have learned how to do thin (more with less).

Rapidly, that new generation of artifacts is emerging, based on natural flows rather than toxic combustibles buried deep in the ground. I envision a better world for ourselves and future generations, made accessible by transforming our global economy from oil to ingenuity.

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updated 2009 June 21